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“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” Mahatma Gandhi  

Hey! Dear Impact Hubber, 
MEMBERSHIP PRE-SELLING CAMPAIGN just ended and now our regular prices
apply, so are you interested? Get to know some of the advantages of
becoming an Impact Hub Lisbon member as well as first hand information
about our memberships. Sounds good doesn’t it?
Start your membership HERE

Thursday 8th of September we had the workshop about infographics! If
you missed it, we can tell you that it was a great time for knowledge
and ideas. Our amazing guest shared her experience and enriched us with
tips and advice to make our communication even more impactful through
the use of visual tools. Besides learning and getting valuable insight
it was so much fun! Watch out for the next one!! Check out the
presentation and learn about this amazing 
resource HERE 

Coming soon…

Fuckup nights Lisbon coming up this during the 21st of September
Interested? go to  LINK 

Art of Hosting during the 22nd, 23rd, 24th and 25th  of September. 
Interested? go to LINK

NOVA Social UP! Provocar o Empreendedorismo Social that will take place on September the 27th Interested?  go to LINK 

Reklusa it’s an
organization that believes in second chances and it’s giving itself one.
Are you interested in getting to know this organization? go
Interested in knowing about their re-invention? Join us during
september the 29th at 18:00 in Rua das Amoreiras 69. For more
information contact them through

Community dinner and co-creation session on October the 4th.
Interested? go to LINK 

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