SenseCamp Lisbon 2016: UnConference for Social Entrepreneurship – 7 to 9 OUT 2016

A social enterprise is an organization that applies commercial strategies to maximize improvements in human and environmental well-being.  It completely re-writes the book on how to make positive impact in communities.

MakeSense is organizing #SenseCamp Lisbon, Portugal´s first UnConferene on Social Entrepreneurship.

An UNCONFERENCE is an event run by participants.
Attendees set the agenda for what’s discussed, lead the sessions and workshops that fill the schedule, and create an environment of innovation and productive discussion.
Don´t expect a set programme: While some workshops and speakers will be prepared by the organizing team, there will be plenty of space for people to step up and propose topics, ideas and sessions that are relevant to the community.

– The POWER OF COLLABORATION: Explore how your communities and networks can empower you

– FIND YOUR WAY THROUGH THE JUNGLE​: How can you find your personal purpose in life and really make a change?

– LEARNING FROM FAILURE​: What personal stories of can we share and learn from?

– DOING GOOD vs. DOING WELL: ​The role of money and how it can impact your goals
This is an event for dreamers & most importantly action takers who want to explore how to create ventures that could change the world, or their community for the better.

– for a weekend of creation, sharing and collaboration
– for inspiring meetings with entrepreneurs, social changers, artists, curious and passionate people
– to meet the highly motivated #MakeSense community of SenseMakers and Gangsters from all over the world

From 9 to 99 years old, each participant will be free to attend workshops dedicated to the discovery of the world, of himself and of his unknown capabilities, through discussions, drawings, self-expression and even DIY working sessions! Empower yourself to be a changemaker!

Come and join this community full of energy. You will understand how #MakeSense builds bridges between #social #entrepreneurship and civic awareness with fun and dynamism!

Friday evening: SenseCrawl (Let’s discover Lisbon’s nightlife together)
Saturday is UnConference-day: inspiring guests, workshops, barcamp session (participants are invited to propose and host workshops), lunch, chilling at the terrace, NonSense Party
Sunday: DiscoBrunch, SenseTour (get to know some interesting social entreprises in and around Lisbon)
>>> More details on the programme coming soon. 

Your MakeSense Portugal team
PS: Join us on Facebook and see who else is coming:

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