Beta-I Newsletter and other startup events

Announcement: I might not be working for Beta-i as you would have assumed. I’m in fact the Almighty Spy of Disguise and during all this time I’ve been working for the CIA.  

No Filipe, not really. However, that’s what Expresso, a Portuguese newspaper, got wrong in an article they wrote about these newsletters. Well, they didn’t exactly say I work for the CIA but, as always, I got carried away with the whole story.  

Nevertheless, CIA or not, I still have some inside information for you… 

Our main accelerator, Lisbon Challenge, will get its Fall’16 Edition started next Monday. Meet the 14 startups who will be joining us in Lisbon for the next 3 months, right on time for the Web Summit.


And talking about Web Summit, this week we had the Smart Open Lisboa Kick-off where the Vice-president of Lisbon’s City Hall announced that the 9 selected startups will get direct access to the Web Summit. Find out who they are and how they will change the city of Lisbon.  

Still on Lisbon, I’ve told you before that the first book on Lisbon’s startup scene is about to be released. So, I would like to invite you to celebrate it with us at the Startup Guide Lisbon Release Party on the 29th of September at the iconic Teatro São Luiz, in Lisbon. Just make sure you’re registered here.

From Lisbon to Barcelona, we have the Cork Challenge that is about to close applications! If you’re interested in building eco-friendly products using cork and working closely with the world’s largest cork producer apply now.

On another note, we have just announced our next Masterclass for October. As most entrepreneurs struggle with their go-to-market strategy and defining the ideal customer profile, we’ll bring Bryan Richter, from Notion Capital, to Lisbon. Find out more about this workshop and join us on the 28th of October.

Oh and remember Pixels Camp, the event we’re co-organising with Bright Pixel? Well, we’re looking for people to be part of the awesome team behind it. Get to meet the speakers and be part of Europe’s largest hackathon. Apply right here

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From the one and only Almighty Duchess of Content, who chased her gigantic dog called Fausto as he walked into a vegetarian restaurant’s kitchen to steal some broccoli. Mission accomplished for the dog, awkward embarrassement for the Duchess.   

Maria Almeida
Almighty Duchess of Content at Beta-i


The 9 startups selected to the experimentation phase of Smart Open Lisboa, will get access to the Web Summit. Find out who they are and how they’re going to change Lisbon forever. More 


Europe’s largest hackathon will be in Lisbon but it won’t be just a hackathon for ‘coding ninjas’ or ‘rockstar developers’. Find out more about it here with a few spoilers but no clichés. More 

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