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Transferwise has really been disrupting both the global financial technology scene as well as the startup scene in Estonia – in mid-August, Transferwise brought one of the world’s most well-known and successful venture capitalists, Ben Horowitz to Estonia, causing quite the buzz in the local startup scene. During his stay, Horowitz also took part in a public panel discussion on disruption where one of his memorable quotes was: “Estonians have the irrational urge to create something bigger than themselves and that’s what fascinates me about Estonia.” Photo: Raigo Pajula


That’s exactly what the month of August was for the Estonian startup community – unbelievably successful, busy and awesome! Skeleton Technologies, an ultracapacitor startup, raised €13M; Scoro, a work management software startup, raised $1.9M ; Inc. Magazine listed Pipedrive as the 14th fastest growing software company in the US; German Computer Bild, one of Europe’s best selling computer magazines, named Starship Technologies the Startup of The Year; and as mentioned in the pre-intro, Ben Horowitz visited Estonia, also finding a chance to get out of his element and “slav squat” with the President of Estonia and an up-and-coming Estonian hip hop artist Tommy Cash.

In August, among other things we had a blast carrying out the ClimateLaunchpad, Europe’s largest cleantech idea competition’s, Estonian finals – you are welcome to check out the pitches of the startups who competed; and kicked off an international B2B startup sales skills program in cooperation with Civitta and Startup Wise Guys for 22 startups. On another note, we’re currently looking for a partner to carry out a cooperation program for startups and medium and large enterprises and together with SmartCap, a fund manager of venture capital funds, we aim to make investments into early stage funds operating in seed and early stages. Deadline for the proposals are the 12th and the 19th of September – good luck!

Last off, the Estonian Employers’ Confederation is still welcoming free-form stories about the experiences, problems and obstacles in relation to bureaucracy foreign employees have faced in Estonia by 20.09 to

Hope you will have a great productive start to the autumn! 🙂

Startup Estonia team

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Startup Estonia’s progress in the summer and plans for the fall

In August, we put together a post about the most important things Startup Estonia did this summer and the activities we’re planning for the fall – do let us know if you have any thoughts or feedback, only that way we can be the best of help to you and the whole community! Find out more

A good idea isn’t enough. 3 lessons from building Skype and TransferWise

Taavet Hinrikus, the founder of TransferWise and first employee at Skype, shares his thoughts on building businesses and products that matter to people. Find out more

Is Elon Musk the next king of trucking?

An Estonian trucking startup Palleter really nailed marketing on Medium this past month by writing this post about how Elon Musk’s world-changing and world-saving plans go well together with theirs and how one compliments the other. We were intrigued! Find out more

Application deadline for accelerator fund management is nearing!

Serial entrepreneurs and early stage investors, it’s time to polish your applications – an ongoing call for accelerator fund managers to bring Estonian startup investments to a completely new level and launch two company builder type accelerators with a clear focus on our very own #EstonianMafia family and all the attractive startups is expecting applicants by the 19th of September! Find out more

From Delhi traffic lights to Estonian Arctic lights – how Velmenni found success in Europe

The founder of Velmenni, an Estonian-Indian startup whose technology transfers high speed data using visible light, shares their story of starting up from Estonia – both the strengths and weaknesses, joys and challenges – and where life has taken them from here. Find out more

Relive the ClimateLaunchpad Estonian Finals!

ClimateLaunchpad Estonian programme was finished with a fun pitch show in the end of August where 3 winners – BugBox, Gleather ja WildAr – were selected. Don’t forget the great chance to come cheer for the Estonian teams at the European finals taking place on the 7th and 8th of October in Tallinn! See the photos here

Karoli Hindriks: When the tanks have passed your playground

As Estonia celebrated 25 years since the restoration of our independence in the end of August the founder of Jobbatical decided to share the story of her childhood in a very different world from today’s and how that experience made her passionately work towards building a world with open minds and open borders. Find out more

Don’t read the comments

“Most startups will fail, so you can say everything sucks and be right most of the time. Although you never lose money with that strategy, you never make any either.” A must read for every startup facing critics or an otherwise rough patch right now! Find out more
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