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Food Truck Diagram
Tuesday September 6, 2016
15 Ingredients for Building the Perfect Food Truck
We have an abundance of food trucks that swing by pretty regularly near Make:’s San Francisco office, which got us to wondering: how do you fit a fully-stocked kitchen that can feed hundreds of people into such a small space?
Infinity mirror table

20 Infinity Mirror Projects to Reflect On Forever
Infinity mirrors are a set of mirrors configured in such a way that light sources inside of them appear to multiply to “infinity.” Here are 20 gorgeous examples of what you can do with this simple concept.

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Outdoor Shower

Painting With Gunpowder
No joke: These stippled images of animals were created by laying out individual grains of gun powder and, doing what you typically do with gunpowder, lighting it on fire. Check out the videos.

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Laser Cut Nori

Laser-Cut Patterns in Nori for Stylish Sushi
Since the laser cutter does all the work, all you really have to do is design a few interesting patterns in Adobe Illustrator. Give it a try.

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Juvenile Hall Makerspace

Can a Juvenile Hall Makerspace Help Teens Suspend Their Disbelief?
Entering a maker space can positively change how kids envision their futures: “There are only three inches of concrete separating the makerspace from the rest of juvenile hall, and I’m not sure exactly how to explain it, but when we cross that threshold, everything is different, in a really good way.”

CNC Plasma Cutter

Construct a CNC Plasma Cutter for $3000
Spend big money to order a custom part, or just build the tool you need instead? In his quest to build a heavyweight combat robot, maker David Randolph built his own plasma cutter for the bargain price of around $3,000. Check out photos and details of the build.

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The latest from Make:
World Maker Faire Is Almost Here!
Set to take over the New York Hall of Science October 1–2, check out some of the amazing things happening at Maker Faire. ➔
FriendlyARM NanoPi M1
How friendly is the NanoPi single board computer? Check out our mini review and compare it to other boards.  ➔

Upcoming Maker Faires
»  Aggieville Mini Maker Faire (Manhattan, KS): Sep 10
»  Louisville Mini Maker Faire (KY): Sep 10
»  The Ozarks Mini Maker Faire (Springfield, MO): Sep 10
»  Eindhoven Mini Maker Faire (Netherlands): Sep 10-11
»  Portland Mini Maker Faire (OR): Sep 10-11
»  Linz Mini Maker Faire (Germany): Sep 11
Find a Maker Faire near you on the Maker Faire map.

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