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This story starts back in 2011 when Ricardo Marvão from Beta-i sent an email to Wired, the leading tech magazine in the world, to let them know that Lisbon had a growing startup scene and that they should take a closer look.


the time, the only mention to Portugal in the history of Wired was in a
short article where they briefly mentioned Y Dreams. But, we’ve all
come a long way since then…
Lisbon has given birth to some of the most interesting startups in Europe, such as Uniplaces, Codacy, Unbabel or Talkdesk, Lisbon was named the European Capital of Entrepreneurship, the Web Summit decided to move here, etc.  
However, it was only this January that Ricardo Marvão got an email saying that Lisbon would be featured on Wired’s Top European Hubs for the very first time.
So, I’m excited to tell you that today, Lisbon’s startup scene has been featured on Wired, the leading tech magazine in the world! Read the full article below and check out which Portuguese startups were featured:


On a different note, and since we’re already talking about Lisbon…
We we would like to invite you to the Smart Open Lisboa Kick-off on the 12th of September, to meet the 10 selected startups that will change Lisbon for the better and improve the lives of millions of people. It’s time to make Lisbon a city of the future and you can be part of this too. Register here and join us.  
Our city will also host a hell of an event that we’re co-organising with Bright Pixels. Pixels Camp will be Europe’s biggest hackathon and tech event with almost 1000 developers! It will take place this October 6-8. The entrance is free but you need to apply to get in and applications end soon…
Another challenge we’re getting ready for is with Amorim Cork Ventures in Barcelona. If you want to build eco-friendly products and work with the world’s largest cork producer, we have extended the deadline for applications! Apply right here and head to Barcelona for the Cork Challenge.
Oh, last but not least, remember to get your own Startup Guide Lisbon, the first book to cover the Lisbon startup scene, with the exclusive 20% discount. Pre-order yours right here and figure out which startups will be featured.  
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Maria Almeida
Almighty Duchess of Content at Beta-i
the 10 selected startups for Smart Open Lisboa, that will improve the
lives of millions of people. It’s time to make Lisbon a city of the
future. Read more


the last newsletter we asked the Beta-i Community to share with us what
they’re been reading and listening to. Here are their recommendations! Read More


the leading tech magazine in the world, has included Lisbon in their
list of Top European Hubs. Check out the full article and see which
startups are featured. Read more
is lying to you so, it’s all about asking the right questions. Learn
from Robert Fitzpatrick, expert in customer development, in this
interview. Read more
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