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121 Tools (and resources) To Kickstart Your Startup In 2016

It doesn’t have to be expensive to build your own startup. The
internet is filled with loads of free tools to kickstart any size of
startup. When we kicked off Novosight we
also used free tools. These helped us solve day to day assignments more
efficiently. As time progressed and the business kept growing the free
versions of the tools became obsolete. Admitted we still use some free
tools and freemium versions now and again to get things done. Because no
matter how far along in the startup process you are, there are free
tools which can help you become a leaner more efficient startup. The
following is a list of free tools you can use to kickstart your wants
and needs for free.



NAME: MICHAEL Rurup Andersen

ADVICE: “Use free tools to get your BUSINESS started, but use them with CAUTION and know when to use money on payed tools”



Get A Free Website

I know you want it. A free website and you can built it with a wide variety of tools.

  • HTML5 UP: makes it easy to create fully responsive HTML5 and CSS3 site templates.
  • Bootswatch: Easy to install free themes built for Bootstrap, also available for shopify stores
  • Templated: A collection of 845 free CSS & HTML5 site templates.
  • |
    Create your new website for free using the wordpress framework. Would
    recommend buying you own domain and installing wordpress cms.
  • Strikingly: Free, unlimited mobile optimized websites build in a matter of minutes.
  • Layers: A simple easy to use WordPress site builder.
  • Bootstrap Zero: The largest open-source free Bootstrap collection.

Free Branding & Logo

Not a visual design talent? Can’t
afford photoshop or know how to use it? Don’t worry you can still get
visual stunning branding and logos with these resources.

Tip! Want a free alternative to Photoshop? try or These tools will also help you to scale and modify your new free logo and branding.

Free Legal Docs

Can’t afford expensive attorneys? These resources will help you to the all the legal docs you need.

  • Kiss: Free legal docs for startup founders and investor.
  • Docracy: An open collection of free legal documents.
  • Shake: Create, sign and send legally binding agreements in seconds. Free for personal use.

Are you situated in Denmark? Fear not. You can still get free legal advice at and

Idea Management

A lot of time goes into getting the right idea and keep building on it. Idea management must be a priority for any startup.

Free Startup Name Generators

It’s tricky to find the perfect idea for any startup, especially your own. These tools make this simpler and easier.


Even a free website have to be optimized. With these tools you can analyze your website(s) and your competitors.

Free Image Optimizer

An optimized image is important for
faster load times and user experience. The trick is to compress images
without loosing quality. These tools will help you.

Free Image Editors

Editing images can be a major hassle
if you’re not a designer. Creativity and setting up the images to
perfection have never been easier with these tools.

  • Canva: Amazingly simple graphic design for bloggers.
  • Pixlr: Pixlr Editor is a robust browser photo editor.
  • Skitch: Get your point across with fewer words.
  • Empowers anyone to create & share powerful visuals.
  • Social Image Resizer Tool: Create optimized images for social media.
  • Placeit: Free product mockups & templates.
  • Recite: Turn a quote into a visual masterpiece.
  • Meme Generator: The first online meme generator.
  • Pablo: Design engaging images for your social media posts in under 30 seconds.

Free Guides & Courses

Free guides and course for every
entrepreneurial need. Build up your skills for free and become a better
entrepreneur with these tools.

Free Social Media Management

You are building a business and your
fanbase is growing, what you want is having the best tools to manage all
your social media platforms.

Free Customer Service & Surveys

Stay current with with your customers needs and wants with these free tools.

  • Typeform: Free beautiful online survey & form builder.
  • Tally: Create polls in no time.
  • Free Survey Creator: Create a survey. Get user feedback for free.
  • Batch: The first-ever 100% free engagement platform for mobile apps.
  • Helprace: Customer service tool. Free for up to 3 agents for small support teams.


When you know what they need and want, then you need to know how to deliver it online in the best possible way.

  • Petit Hacks: Acquisition, retention, & revenue hacks used by companies.
  • Optimizely: One optimization platform for websites and mobile apps.
  • Hello Bar: Tool for A/B testing different CTAs & power words.
  • GrowthHackers: Unlocking growth. Together.

Other Free Stuff

Want to meet a startup advisor face-to-face and get free advice then sign up for Iværksætterhusets startupmøder near you.

Network is crucial for any startup. If you are situated in Copenhagen and want to meet likeminded join the free network Iværksætter københavn. There’s two free monthly meetings and holiday social get togethers.

Want to see the complete list of more than 400+ tools to kickstart your startup, visit

Not Everything That’s Free Is Golden

Not everything which is free are
golden. You have to be able to spot when it’s time to upgrade to a payed
version or a new payed tool and even to get professional help. Free
tools will only get you so far and could be something which -in the long
run- could hold back your startup.

Want more free tips, tricks and guides visit our blog at Novosight

Michael Rurup Andersen have worked with lifting and activating brand online since 2009, as a consultant, freelancer and inhouse specialist. In 2015 he started a consultant company with Julian Christmas which specializing in helping small and medium sized businesses with online marketing.

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