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Tuesday August 23, 2016

20 Brilliant Tool Storage Solutions
“Organization” can be a loaded term in some maker circles. But
regardless of where you choose to stash your stuff, chances are you’ll
find some inspiration for organizing your tools with this round-up of
clever storage ideas.

Tactile Tools

3D Print Your Own Tactile Measuring Tools for the Visually Impaired


Tactile tools help students with visual impairments better understand
and measure three-dimensional objects. Here’s how you can 3D print some
of your own.

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Outdoor Shower

Building a Rustic Outdoor Shower for Informal Camp Life


On YouTube, maker Andrew Macklin chronicles his family’s endeavor to
build an off-the-grid cottage on the shores of Lake Ontario. In this
installment, Macklin takes you through the process of building an
outdoor shower. Beats swimming in the lake!

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The Maker's Guide To Boards
Digital Joinery

How to Digitally Design Joinery for Better Assembly


3D fabrication processes are making it easier than ever to create
impressive and useful designs. But if you’re designing two pieces meant
to fit together, you’ll want to know these basic best practices for
designing joinery in CAD programs.

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Carla Bruni

Maker Spotlight: Carla Bruni


Along with fighting to rescue historic buildings and running a
“repair-anything” workshop, Carla is a gifted artist. Check out a few of
her projects, which use predominantly reclaimed and recycled materials,
including a set of hammer-handle nunchucks!


Machine Shop

7 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Machine Shop


Ordering parts from a machine shop can be a complex process, and if
you’re not careful, you could run into problems. Before asking for a
quote, be sure your part doesn’t run afoul of these tips.

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The latest from Make:

Nervous Organizer LOVED Her Maker Camp Experience ➔
“To see the light bulb ‘go off’ and the sense of ownership and pride was priceless.”
Arduino 101/Genuino 101 ➔

How does this Uno successor stack up? Check out our mini review and compare it to other boards.


Upcoming Maker Faires

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Chicago Southland Mini Maker Faire (Mokena, IL): August 27

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