IMPACTHUB – Lisbon is a candidate – join the community


We are the place that impact entrepreneurs call home. We are the connecting
platform for partnering businesses, public institutions and civil society.

The beacon for Impact businesses in Portugal and Europe.

Combine skills and mindsets for truly innovative solutions.

Enable self-sustainability in all areas of business and within the business itself.

In Lisbon we aim to accelerate our members’ businesses, boost learning, meet great talent and connect with new collaborators and opportunities. Our priority is to promote business self sustainability while bearing in mind social and environmental impact.

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” Milton Berle 

Hey! Dear Impact Hubber, 
MEMBERSHIP PRE-SELLING CAMPAIGN already started. Are you interested?
Get to know some of the advantages of being a pioneer as well as first
hand information about our memberships. Sounds good doesn’t it?
Start your membership HERE

Wednesday 17th we had our latest community lunch!  If you missed it, we
can tell you that it was a great time for sharing lunch and ideas. Each
of our guests got a surprise envelope at the entrance containing some
small inspirational remainder and a guide to a very interesting activity
concerning our new space! All of our community lunches will involve
these small but dynamic surprises so… Watch out for the next one!!

Coming soon…

Fundraising talk coming up this during the 24th of August
Interested? go to  LINK

Fuck-up nights Lisbon that would take place in September the 21st
Interested?  go to LINK

Art of Hosting during the 22nd, 23rd, 24th and 25th  of September. 
Interested? go to LINK




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