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Tuesday August 2, 2016

Behold This Detailed, Posable Terminator Replica
This Terminator T800 replica is
life-sized, posable, and meticulously crafted. Creator Jamie Staff
started by casting a replica of the endoskeletal hand and didn’t stop
until the whole thing was complete four years later.

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30 Videos

30 Videos in 30 days


If you haven’t been following the
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to take on an incredible challenge: they would each release a video a
day, for 30 days. It was a huge undertaking, but the results are

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Crayola Vs. Generic: Melting Crayons for Science


Being inquisitive and scientifically
minded doesn’t always have to be a long drawn-out experience. Sometimes
it can be as fun and simple as letting some crayons sit on a rock while
you swim in the river.

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Gaming Leaf

Make a Simple Gaming Leaf for Your Dining Room Table


Maker Peter Hicks built a
decidedly 21st century extension for his dining room table that
incorporates a flat-screen computer monitor in a leaf that serves maps,
terrain, and other game materials during play. It’s a clever and
reasonably inexpensive way to create a unique group gaming experience.

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Fire Toad

5 Things I Learned from Making a Fire Breathing Tire Sculpture


Make: Senior Editor Caleb
Kraft didn’t know what he wanted to create for his local Maker Faire,
but knew he wanted it to make a big impression… with fire! Here are a
few tips he learned along the way.


VR Mods

5 Mods That Make Virtual Reality More Real


Your VR experience doesn’t have to
be limited to twisting your head to look at things and pushing joysticks
around on a game controller. Makers and VR companies alike are already
pushing the boundaries of where the virtual world ends and the real
world begins.

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The latest from Make:

Make Devices for People with Disabilities ➔

The CEO of Furenexo outlines the challenges and
satisfaction of designing devices for people with disabilities.
New Maker Spotlight Series! ➔
Every day we’ll highlight a different maker. Want to nominate someone, maybe even yourself? Send us a note


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