SymfonyCon Berlin: from November 29th to December 3rd. @BERLIN

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SymfonyCon Berlin: Choose your party theme

SymfonyCon Berlin: We’re getting excited!

This December, we are organizing a 5-day Symfony international extravaganza, the SymfonyCon Berlin, from November 29th to December 3rd. 


We’re very excited to announce that the 1st part of the schedule is out!

Here’s what you can expect from this year’s international conference:

  • Two days of trainings on November 29th and 30th (topics will be available soon)

  • Two days of expert presentations on December 1st and 2nd about the latest and most cutting edge Symfony developments: schedule part 1 is out!

  • Follow up discussions in the sponsor village

  • A hack day on December 3rd

… and the after-conference happy hour party! In an effort to craft the most enticing and amusing party possible, we hope you will take a moment to participate in our survey and submit a theme you like!

The theme that gets the most hits wins and will be chosen!
Submit your theme idea  

Upcoming conferences in Europe and the USA

Upcoming conferences
And while you’re waiting for the SymfonyCon Berlin in December, don’t just sit and twiddle your thumbs…there are two local SymfonyLive conferences, too!
  • September 15th and 16th, come to London! We’ll be thrilled to welcome you for the SymfonyLive London. The schedule of the workshops
    and talks is out! Check it now and join us there!
  • October 13th and 14th, we are going to Chicago, Illinois for the very first SymfonyLive Chicago! Enjoy two full days of Symfony talks in the windy city!
Whether it’s London or Chicago, we can’t wait to see you and hear all about how you’re using Symfony today!
I’m going!  

No more concurrency issues!

Lock handler
Use Symfony’s “lock handler” to prevent multiple and simultaneous executions of the same console command and avoid concurrency issues.

The Expert Mission: Another success story!

CoBrowser's expert mission
You know what constitutes an Expert Mission, but have you discovered all the details included in this amazing SensioLabs offer?
We had the pleasure of collaborating with CoBrowser, a live chat and cobrowsing software that is built on the Symfony 2 framework.
If you wonder what we did for them, please read and enjoy this month’s newest success story and learn how SensioLabs helped CoBrowser unblock their technical situation and optimize their code.
Download our Success Story  

The Twig certification has its first graduates!

Twig certification
The Twig certification is just out and already some of you have been successful! Congrats!
If you use this templating engine, you’ll be interested in getting certified, to value up your expertise on PHP and Symfony
You’ll be happy to go the further mile to add this line on your resume for September!

Join SensioLabs now…from anywhere!

SensioLabs is recruiting via telecommuting
SensioLabs is always seeking new talent. And because talent can be found anywhere and everywhere, SensioLabs is opening up its employment field.

SensioLabs has offices in France (Paris and Lille) and Germany (Cologne and Berlin), but you don’t have to be a local hire anymore. We are looking for dedicated talent on a homeworking or telecommuting basis. What counts the most is your talent!

Pretty awesome, right? So, what are you waiting for? Join us from wherever you are.
Apply today  

  SensioLabs Créateurs de Symfony  

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