European Commission supported network of universities and business/scientific parks with entrepreneural perspective
· We want to improve the university entrepreneurial programmes by understanding of what is already available and what works.

· Stimulate knowledge transfer with regular online and offline events.

· Generate new collaboration/project/research opportunities.

· Inform about new funding opportunities and density and stimulate new connections between entrepreneurs.

· Provide up to date information about entrepreneurial infrastructure available.

· Inform & connect entrepreneurs with the best funding opportunities

  1. The SEC2U is an initiative to showcase the commitment of European universities to create a strong culture of entrepreneurship and innovation that is spreading in the university community. And as result transferring it to the society by creating startups and spinoffs with high added value, based on knowledge and technological development.

The initiative brings together entrepreneurs, businessmen and representatives of local universities and government for one week: to showcase local universities; opportunities and support for businesses; success stories and cases of failure as a way of learning; and allow time for networking and to make contacts among participant.

The SEC2U is an initiative, endorsed by the European Commission, having its first edition in 2016. It is aiming at creating a series of events all over Europe in the week from 17th to 21th of October 2016.
  1. Who is involved?
The SEC2U is promoted by the Startup Europe University Network (SEUN) members. The main goal is to bring together 30 European universities and business/scientific parks with an entrepreneurial perspective to help facilitate the creation of a European community of entrepreneurial universities and technology parks.
  1. How is it being organized?
The SEUN members promote the SEC2U and encourage all the co-organizer to work together, sharing the main goals and the philosophy of the initiative, arranging the organization of the individual events on their own.
As a SEC2U co-organizer your main job is to recruit the local entrepreneurs, universities and authorities as well as organize and promote the event in your city/region.
To achieve the objectives of the initiative there some mandatory elements to be accomplished:
  • Event is free of charge for the participants.
  • Focused on the regional/local level.
  • Start the event with a brief contextualization of the event as a part of SEC2U promoted by SEUN supported by the European Commission.
  • Include one or more presentations of representatives of local universities in charge of entrepreneurship, innovation and knowledge transfer, as well as local government representatives to present the local opportunities and support for businesses.
  • Include an example of local success stories (startups, spinoffs, researches working in companies…)   and, if possible, to present a case of failure as a way of learning.
  • Allow time for networking and to make contacts among participants.
The central coordinating team of SEC2U and the European Commission will support your event and provide you with additional resources to make sure it will be impactful and successful by preparing a “living” guideline as a reference for creating your event and by supplying you with dissemination material.
  1. Potential impact on the universities and the startups ecosystems
Our goal is to reach 1.000 entrepreneurs in the SEC2U events with at least 30 participants (local entrepreneurs/business owners) in each each.
If you believe a larger event (or even more than one event) would be beneficial to the entrepreneurs in your university area of influence feel free to organize it. We just want to make sure we have at least one high-quality event per university participating at the SEC2U action.

Organizers resources:
Organizers Guidelines:

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