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String Clock
Tuesday July 19, 2016
Mesmerizing Clock Tells Time with Painted Lines on String
After researching how time can be shown in uncommon ways, German artist Felix Vorreiter decided to make his own unique timepiece using string. The “encoded” cord loops around bearings to form five lines, which come together once a minute to display the time.
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VR Rover

How NASA is Using VR to Build the Next Mars Rover
NASA’s Jet Propulsion lab is using what they call “mixed reality” to design and prototype the next generation of interplanetary robot explorers in a collaborative, virtual space.

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Monster B-gone

Monster-B-Gone Keeps Kids Safe from Creepy Bedroom Critters
Do you have a child who worries about lurking beasts in his or her bedroom? If so, then the Monster-B-Gone is just the solution you need to confirm a fiend-free room for your youngster. Even better, it’s easy for kids to operate, requiring no adult supervision.

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VR Pinball

Play Pinball in Virtual Reality with Real Haptic Feedback
Build the “PinSim” cabinet controller and play VR pinball with real flipper buttons and an accelerometer-based nudge system. Now you can move your head around to get a better read on your virtual shots.

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New Vinyl Record

See How Vinyl Records are Made in Cleveland
Digital music may reign supreme in terms of ubiquity, but vinyl is still gaining popularity with music connoisseurs. Go behind-the-scenes with specialty record manufacturer Gotta Groove Records as they demonstrate the process of creating one-of-a-kind vinyl masterpieces.

Cardboard Viking Funeral

Man Builds and Burns Cardboard Viking Ship as Rite of Passage
For his 30th birthday, Kyle Scheele wanted to do something special to mark the rite of passage from his twenties into his thirties. So, he decided to build a life-size Viking ship out of cardboard and hold a fiery Viking funeral to mark the blessed occasion.

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