BETA-i Events Newsletter – challenges and hackathons

Hey there,
Warning: This newsletter might be a plagiarism of a 19th century speech by Georgiana Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire, when addressing the Whig party regarding Women’s rights.

 not really, I’m just fooling around. Unlike Melania Trump, right?
C’mon, that speech belongs to Michelle, Melania, just admit it.

But, despite the fact that this world is kind of falling apart, at Beta-i we’re still trying to hold it together. No Trumps, just pokemons. Here’s everything you need to know from our side:

When one door closes, another one opens. Applications to Lisbon Challenge have just closed but, we have opened applications to Cork Challenge, the accelerator we’re doing with Amorim Cork Ventures in Barcelona. If you have a business that’s using cork find out more about this program here and how you can work with the world’s largest cork producer.

We’re getting ready for the Web Summit and we have great news for Portuguese startups. Startup Portugal, in partnership with the Web Summit, will choose 66 Portuguese startups to exhibit at the world’s best tech conference. Find out more about this competition right here.

Talking about events… we’ll have new events coming up, including Europe’s largest hackathon.

 Pixels Camp, organised by Bright Pixels and Beta-i, will bring 1000 developers to Lisbon. If you’re interested in attending make sure you apply.

Oh, and remember Lisbon’s Startup Guide, the book we’re putting together with Startup Guide World, SAP, Microsoft and Lisbon’s City Hall?
Well, we’ve been interviewing founders and key players from the Lisbon
startup scene and pretty soon you’ll get to know who they are.  

Rethink.jpg  Re-THINK

How We Evalutate Lisbon Challenge Applications
If you applied
to Lisbon Challenge you’re probably wondering what happens next. Here’s
how we choose the final startups to join our accelerator. More
Lisbon’s Startup Scene is Top 5 in Europe
According to
a report made by Startup Initiative Europe called Startup Heatmap
Europe, Lisbon is among the top 5 cities, choosen by founders. More
9 Steps to Successfully Launch Your Product 
Building a
product is tough, and getting the word out there is crucial. Check out
these 9 tips on what you should do to plan your launch strategy. More
A Beginner’s Guide on How to do Customer Support for Startups
Paul Graham said
‘do things that don’t scale’ for a reason. Learn how to talk to your
customers and why it matters to go that extra mile for your early
adopters. More
events.jpg   Events


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