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Fantastic news from yesterday! Dulce Felix became the European vice-champion in the 10,000 meters and our football team reached the final of the Euro 2016. We are rocking sports, but the startup world keeps moving forward as well. We don’t want you to get distracted so here you have the latest news.
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5 Agtech startups changing Agriculture as we know it
There’s a new wave of young farmers revolutionising the agriculture industry. They are graduated, have new techniques and want to develop new products.
What does Brexit mean for Portugal, startup-wise?
We still don’t know what the implications of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union are. Reality indicates there’s a long process to come. As many cities try to claim the startup city title after London, entrepreneurs and investors are still trying to understand how to prepare themselves for what follows.
greedy gun
Greedy Guns game (inspired by Metal Slug) just got funded on Kickstarter
Greedy Guns is a greed-fueled metroidvania shooter! Inspired by games like Metal Slug, Castlevania, and Gunstar Heroes!
Follow Euro 2016 with these two Portuguese applications
For the ones living and breathing football, nothing better than having all the possible information about the competition in one place.




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