BETA-I Newsletter – Lisbon Challenge Fall’16 and INVESTMENTS news

Following up your interest on Lisbon Challenge Fall’16, 3-month accelerator based in Lisbon (yes, the city that’s hosting WebSummit this year) I would like to assist you on the application process by sharing some tips for getting into the accelerator.
Will also let you know about some of the more requested mentors we have, how can they help your startup and why we keep claiming that we get you ready for investment (and it’s not cheap talk..).


First things first: Shall I remind you that this is probably the best edition ever of Lisbon Challenge as the Websummit is happening next door? Everyone, and I mean, literally everyone is going to be here. Can you imagine the business, partnership, customers’ acquisition and many many other opportunities? It’s one of those one of a kind opportunities in life not to miss.


If you’re looking for Product tips and some Lean experts, Fred Oliveira (nº 1 employee for TechCrunch) and Felix Petersen (sold his startup to Nokia) will assist you.
Looking to grow fast? You’ll have Diogo Alves (Internet expert) or Tristan Pollock (also mentor at 500 Startups) on your back.  Jonathan Weiner is often requested for those wanting a Fintech venture expert, Alexander Griekspoor as an app developer (UI and UX) and Camille Leonard for Advertising and Branding.
We also have Paulo Bartolomeu on Biz Dev, Joana Brandão on Marketing, Céu Mendonça on Sales and Karina Costa on Strategy. And many many more.

More Mentors


Did you know that Lisbon Challenge alumni reached the 50M investment mark? your startup can be next on contributing for us to surpass that mark.
Our network of investors include representatives of Caixa Capital (main Lisbon Challenge sponsor who also invested in Farfetch), Atomico (invested in Skype), e.Ventures (Groupon), Kima Ventures (Transferwise) or Point Nine (Typeform).
Some of them are also LC mentors, others are close enough for us to get you in touch with or you’ll end up meeting them in the investment related events that we organize:
Applications are open until 15th July so feel free to get back to me if you have any further questions about Lisbon Challenge or need assistance with the application process at any point.

Lisbon Challenge

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