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There was a time in my life when I convinced myself that my
dream was to write a book.
I’ve always loved writing (more than I love the Beatles, and I’m a
fan) so, it felt natural to me to picture myself as female version
Jack Kerouac,
hitting the road and writing a book about it (apologies if it sounds
However, I figured, later on, that I was more of a short
story-teller than a novelist, and I ended up writing stories, articles,
interviews and newsletters, instead.
But, I’ve always been curious about this book thing and when
I started working with startups I kept on wondering: what if we had a
book on the Lisbon startup scene?
A book to tell the stories of our entrepreneurs? From Lisbon to the
Well, I guess I wasn’t alone and that this thought was more
than just wishful thinking…
Just the other day, Ricardo Marvão, Head of Global Resources
founder of Beta-i,
stormed into the office to tell everyone that we were about to do
something ‘AMAZING’ (he says this a lot but, he’s most often right).
We were going to bring Startup
Guide to Lisbon
and have our own book on Lisbon’s startup scene.
Thanks to Startup Guide, together with Beta-i, and with the
support of
City Hall
, Microsoft
Lisbon will have its first handbook for entrepreneurs, with tips and
advice, so that they can also start their own companies in Lisbon.
For now, we’re getting everything ready to get this book
written, and
be part of it too
. You can now nominate who you
think should be covered in this book, from
startups to entrepreneurs.
here to nominate until July 11.
As for me, I’m still a short story-teller and I won’t be
full-filling an old existential dream of writing a book or novel. I guess
you’ll still have to put up with my newsletters and not so funny jokes 😀
But, I’m excited to be part of this as I am excited of being
part of everything else we’re doing at Beta-i, and what some of our
friends and partners are introducing.
Great to see, for example, that Siemens has created a separate unit just for startups, with 1000 million
euros to invest, and that Cisco has open applications for its
Innovation Grand Challenge and 250k to invest.
Feel free to check out what else is happening below.


We get hundreds of applications
for Lisbon Challenge and it’s always a tough choice. Understand how
we choose the startups and how you can really stand out from the
crowd with these simple tips.
We had our 2 day hackathon to
choose the 8 winners that will get to test their solutions to improve
the lives of million of people in the experimentation phase. We’re
turning Lisbon into a living lab. Find out who they are.
We had another Tourism Day by
Beta-i, in partnership with Turismo de Portugal and hosted by Airbnb.
Check out the main highlights here and read the impact study made by
Airbnb about Lisbon.
Working remotely in Lisbon is
becoming a trend… So, for this month, at Beta-i we
have welcomed Remote Year with 75 digital nomads who will be
working from our office in Lisbon. Find out all about this.

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