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Raspberry Pi Photo Booth
Tuesday June 28, 2016
Raspberry Pi Photo Booth
Photo booths bring out the silly side in all of us. For your next party, use the new Pi 3 to make a touchscreen photo booth that instantly uploads to Google Photos!
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GearBest Summer Football Festival
Light Switch Turner Onner

Wi-Fi Enabled Light Switch Turner Onner
Use a servo to flick a light switch mechanically — without ever touching 110V power — with this Wi-Fi “Turner Onner.” Plus, you can still flip the switch with your boring regular fingers, too, if you want to for some reason.

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Maker Camp

Maker Camp is coming to Shape:
An AT&T Tech Expo at AT&T Park on July 15–16. This a great opportunity for your children can learn to solder, put a traffic light controller together, or participate in a group project about IoT and wearables. Register now and use coupon code MAKE for a free expo pass.

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Valve Prototype

Exclusive: See the Secret Prototypes We Found in Valve’s VR Lab
For the upcoming issue of Make: magazine, Volume 52, we got a chance to tour Valve headquarters for an in-depth look at prototypes for the Vive virtual reality headset. Check out our exclusive gallery and see the evolution of some state-of-the-art gear.

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Shop for a Cause - Humble Book Bundle | Essentials from Make:

Humble Book Bundle: Electronics!

Through 10:59 AM PST tomorrow only, pay what you will for a complete collection of Make: electronics ebooks valued at over $300. This bundle has everything you need to really lock down your electronics knowledge — at a price you want to pay. Best of all, proceeds benefit Maker Ed!

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Dremel Belt Sander

Fashion a Mini Belt Sander Attachment for Your Dremel
Here’s a trick to fashion a light duty belt sander using a cordless rotary tool and a few recycled materials that won’t take up much space in your shop.

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Tiny House

Tiny Home Living with the Von Thompsons
If you’ve been thinking about building or living in a “tiny house,” you probably would like to see what that type of lifestyle is like. Fortunately, there is quite a bit of information out there, including some great videos from the Von Thompsons.

Restored Plane

The Joys of Restoring Vintage Tools
Old tools are often better made, super cheap to acquire, and have that patina of age and memory that give them a special quality no new tool can match. And sometimes all it takes to revive them is a little elbow grease. Check out these videos of some great tool rescues.

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In the Shed:
Squink Circuit Factory

Print Multilayer PCBs at your Desktop with the latest version of Squink!
BotFactory has changed the nature of Electronics Prototyping by releasing their new Multilayer PCB Printer. With a new insulating ink, solder dispensor, and pick-and-place functionality, Squink is an essential prototyping tool for any School, Research Lab, or Makerspace.
Get it for $3,999 in the Makershed

Maker Media, Inc | 1160 Battery St. East, Ste 125 | San Francisco, CA 94111
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