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Lighter Brand
Tuesday June 21, 2016
Making Your Own Branding Irons
Heat-branding is a fun and cool-looking way of creating a memorable product identity or something artsy and crafty. 3D printing services like Shapeways can print your designs in metal for the perfect personal touch. Try out these different methods.
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Tiny Home Van

7 Vans Converted into Tiny Homes on Wheels
If you’ve ever looked at a van and thought, “Hey, I could totally live in that,” you’re not the only one. Check out this list of DIY sleeper vans suited for rural or urban camping!

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Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Projects Made Easy 
There are so many projects you can create with your Pi’s. The question is, where do you start? 
Cayenne is a free project building software developed for makers to easily design and control Raspberry Pi. Connect your Pi and add your first sensor in minutes.
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Power Wheels

How to Hack a Power Wheels Car in Four Weeks
With just Four weeks to build their car before their first race at Maker Faire Bay Area, the team at Fictiv had to make some quick choices to make it to race day. Here’s what they learned along the way.

Shop for a Cause - Humble Book Bundle | Essentials from Make:

Pay What You Want Humble Book Bundle: Electronics! 
Through 10:59 AM PST on June 29,Make: and Humble Bundle offer you a complete collection of electronics titles, valued at $300 and including the just-published final volume of Charles Platt’s Encyclopedia of Electronic Components. This bundle has everything you need to really lock down your electronics knowledge — at a price you want to pay. Best of all, proceeds benefit Maker Ed!

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Dashboard Showerthoughts

Hack Your Car’s Dashboard to Display Reddit Shower Thoughts 
Harin De Mel could have hacked his car to display something “useful,” but where’s the challenge in that? Reddit’s Shower Thoughts it is!

Shop Tricks

5 Head-Slappingly Good Shop Tips and Build Tricks
Make: contributor Gareth Branwyn is always on the lookout for a good shop tip. Here’s another round of tips and tricks that you’ll want to give a try.


Upcoming Maker Faires
»  Buenos Aires Mini Maker Faire (Argentina): June 24–25
»  Honolulu Mini Maker Faire Honolulu (HI): June 25
»  Maker Faire Singapore (Singapore): June 25–26
»  Maker Faire Bodensee (Friedrichshafen, Germany): June 25–26
»  Maker Faire Kansas City (MO): June 25–26
»  Maker Faire Lisbon (Portugal): June 25–26
»  Hamilton Mini Maker Faire (ON, Canada): June 26
Find a Maker Faire near you on the Maker Faire map.

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