APPCIRCUS – Better Life App Challenge – international call for developers by softonic

We’re happy to announce the ‘Better Life App Challenge’,
an international call for developers who’ve got the best answers to eight pressing issues facing users today.

The program is open to App Makers worldwide. You can join the incubation phase with an idea, a prototype or an existing app. Our mentors will help you move your project to the next level! 

The best apps with the most innovative solutions will be selected to participate in a final where cash prizes worth 10K US as well as money-can’t-buy visibility will be given out at the challenge’s end.

The Better Life App Challenge is powered by the world’s largest app discovery website,
Scott Arpajian, Softonic CEO had this to say,
The Better Life App Challenge is an amazing opportunity for developers to use their skills to create technology that can literally change the way we live. We can’t wait to see what the App Challenge contestants come up with!”

Registration is now open – Developers, Creatives, Tech-Heads:

Are you in BCN July 9?

Join the Hackathon of the Better Life App Challenge! This event is a great way to get started: pitch your idea,  find a team, and start building your app concept! Registration is open!

Get inspired!

Building a successful app starts with selecting the right problem and turning it into an opportunity. Get inspired with our collection of challenges we know users around the world face in their daily life.

A big thank you to our partner:

Better Life App Challenge Hackathon host:


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