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Maker Faire Highlights
Maker Faire Bay Area in Pictures
The Make: crew was out in force throughout the three-day event, posting photos and videos of the best Maker Faire Bay Area yet. There were countless cool projects and awesome moments, but here are a bunch of our favorites.
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Meet your new sidekick. The MOD-t 3D printer.
Google Science Journal

Amateur Scientists Will Love Science Journal, Google’s New App
Google recently released Science Journal, its latest free app for Android phones. Science Journal is a digital science notebook that allows kids (and amateur scientists of all ages) to use the sensors on their Android phones for experiments. With a just a phone you can measure sound, light, and motion for some easy-access science!

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Affordable, Hassle-free 3D Printing Is Here. Meet the MOD‑t.
Make the New Matter MOD-t your new sidekick. See why the Wall Street Journal calls the MOD-t, “The printer that I recommend for your first foray into 3D.”
   • Auto-calibrates
   • No bed leveling
   • Non-proprietary filament
   • Connects via Wi-Fi or USB
The MOD-t is now available for only $399. Make great things.

Giant Mechanical Squid

This Gyrating Giant Mechanical Squid is Gorgeous
When it comes to giant mechanical animals, is there any creature that can possibly present more of a challenge than the giant squid? Barry Crawford was up to the challenge, and blew us away with his results.

3D Print Clothing

How to 3D Print on Tulle, Net, or Lace Fabrics
Want a 3D-printed design on your next clothing purchase? You can print directly onto fabric with your home printer using standard PLA, ABS, or other regular filament. 3D printing on fabric retains the flexible properties of the fabrics, doesn’t require exotic filament, and permanently incorporates the 3D elements into your garment.

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Guide to Chillin' and Grillin'

Make:‘s 2016 Guide to Grillin’ n’ Chillin’
Backyard grilling gets us outdoors, is a wonderful change of pace from indoor kitchen cooking, allows us to use a different set of cooking skills, and the results seem to encode the very essence of summertime, vacation, leisure, and fun. Follow these projects to step up your grilling game.

Coin Ring

Make a Coin Ring
A lot of people are talking about coin rings, which are made by hammering the edge of a coin with a hammer. Try using a spoon and some patience. You’ll get much better results!


Upcoming Maker Faires
»  Maker Faire Hannover (Germany): May 27–29
»  Lyon Mini Maker Faire (France): May 28–29
»  Vilnius Mini Maker Faire (Lithuania): May 28
»  Sunshine Coast Mini Maker Faire (Canada): May 29
»  Rouen Mini Maker Faire (France): June 2–3
Find a Maker Faire near you on the Maker Faire map.

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