DHL Delivers by DRONE – Parcelcopter 3.0


DHL Parcelcopter 3.0  

In tests undertaken in the Bavarian community of Reit im Winkl, the current Parcelcopter has been upgraded over the course of the research project for use in alpine regions. The copter was loaded and unloaded automatically by a specially developed Packstation, the Parcelcopter Skyport.
In 2013 DHL Parcel launched a research project on the use of a special drone, dubbed the Parcelcopter, for transporting goods under real conditions to remote or geographically challenging areas. A concrete location was selected for a 2014 trial: the North Sea island of Juist, which was to be supplied with time-sensitive goods and urgent medicines.

The DHL Parcelcopter is intended primarily for situations that mesh poorly with established infrastructures or where standard delivery methods are overly lengthy. Locations not linked to the standard road network are one example. “Natural barriers” such as water or mountains are not an issue for the drone.

The DHL Parcelcopter is thus seen as a tool for improving infrastructure in hard-to-reach areas, improving the lives of the inhabitants there.

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