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Drone Testing Day
2016 Drone Flyer’s Guide
If you don’t own a drone now, you will soon. Drones are quickly becoming versatile and ubiquitous household objects, like TVs and cell phones. But unless you’re buying a toy, drones are high-ticket purchases and choosing from the latest models can be intimidating even for experienced pilots. Fresh from the latest issue of Make:, our drone guide compares eight of the hottest drones with recommendations for new pilots and veterans alike. Read full reviews, watch videos of the drones in action, and get advice from expert pilots to help choose the perfect drone that fits you.
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Amazon Echo

Three Weeks Left to Win an Amazon Echo
Make: has partnered with Amazon and to bring you the “Hey Alexa!” Contest. Simply create and submit a new Alexa skill — a voice command of anything from getting local train times to opening your garage door — to enter to win your own Alexa-powered suite of devices, Amazon’s Echo, Dot, and Tap. Time is ticking, so get on it!

Night Flying Drones

Fly Your FPV Drone at Night with an Infrared Upgrade
Don’t stop flying just because the sun went down! Rip through the darkness using infrared cameras and illumination. Combine popular retail solutions with some Maker innovation to squeeze every last enjoyable moment out of your aircraft.

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Kraken Greeting Card

Lovepop Reinvigorates the Humble Greeting Card with Engineered Pop-Up Scenes
Founders Wombi Rose and John Wise apply what they learned as naval architects to make amazing pop-up cards, and show high school kids how to think like engineering entrepreneurs.

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Music Visualizer Table

Transform an Ikea Side Table into a Music Visualizer
Hack a $10 Ikea table with LEDs to make a jumbo music visualizer that dances to your tunes! It’s got an Arduino brain and uses minimal current, so you can run it from an iPad charger or any USB port that’s handy.

Cat Sitting on floating shelf

How to Install Simple Floating Shelves
This light-duty floating shelf hangs mysteriously with no visible support. Steel rods are partially embedded in the wall and fit through the back edge of the shelves. No brackets needed.

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Tube Pi

Warm Vacuum Tube Tone is Just What the Raspberry Pi Has Always Been Missing
One of the most popular uses for the Raspberry Pi computer is turning it into a media player. Various software and hardware add-on options have developed over the past few years, offering high-tech options for listening to tunes. But now one group is pushing the single board computer back to the days of warm analog tone with a hybrid vacuum tube amp add-on for your Raspberry Pi.

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