Web Summit – Tickets – Happy Hour” Update


It’s happening: the next Web Summit 2 for 1 sale takes place on May 12 when we release another 1,000 packages. Here are five things you need to know:
1. Save the date: Tickets go on sale on Thursday, May 12 at 4PM Lisbon time.
2. Be quick: Our last ticket batch sold out in under 5 minutes, you can expect the same to happen this time.
3. Save money: By buying tickets in this sale, you’re getting them at best price of €700 – that’s €350 per ticket.
4. Check your inbox: You’ll receive a code and more instructions in the run up to the sale. Remember to use your code when purchasing the ticket to get the best price.
5. You’re one in 27,000: Web Summit 2016 is still more than 6 months out, but we’ve already confirmed over 27,000 incredible attendees – check back as we’re regularly announcing more.
Web Summit Attendee Team
Ps. If you’re curious, you can as of today find attendees from your country on our new attendee page as of today.

via Blogger http://ift.tt/1ru5IMk


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