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Rubberband Crossbow
Tuesday April 19, 2016
Construct a Fun, Powerful Rubber Band Crossbow
With a few paint stirrers, string, and glue you can launch drinking-straw bolts more than 100 feet! It’s time to show the folks on the web team that this office cold war just got hot.
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String Skeleton

An Interview with Macabre Crocheter Caitlin McCormack
McCormack is an artist based in South Philadelphia who sculpts animal skeletons with string and glue. While these eerie sculptures may seem simply macabre, they also represent memories and a family legacy.

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Climbing Wall

20 DIY Rock Climbing Walls to Bring the Mountains Closer to Home
Rock climbing is a great full-body workout, but finding this type of gym or, (even better) actual rocks to climb, isn’t always always convenient. Check out these 20 alternatives for a DIY home-based solution!

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These Middle Schoolers (and a Dad) Built a Custom Arduino Board Game to Explore Ancient Egypt
A class board game project evolved into an electronics heavy game with a hidden sarcophagus, digital dice, mummy voice over, and desert sound effects.

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RTI Photo

Shoot Super Detailed Macro Photographs with an RTI Camera Rig
Using many light sources, reflectance transformation imaging (RTI) is a method for photographing that allows you to get 3D maps of surfaces. Use this rig to get even more detail out of your photos.

Shop Safety

Workshop Emergencies: 4 Common Injuries and What to Do About Them
When an accident happens, call 911, evaluate the injury, and administer first aid until paramedics arrive. Keep this list of emergency scenarios and responses for quick reference, because your actions could mean the difference between losing a limb and walking away with a scar.

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In the Maker Shed:
GIY Mushroom Kit

GIY (Grow It Yourself) Intro Kit
Grow shapes out of mushroom-based biomaterials with the Grow It Yourself Kits. Choose from a bear, planter, or Makey shape!

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